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AWE potential

Energy policies

Policy stakeholders


AWE stakeholders


1.1         Summary

The UK has excellent wind conditions both on- and offshore. Space in rural areas would in general be available (subject to approval by local stakeholders, military, etc.). The support scheme (CfD) could be extended to AWE. Test sites, e.g. in Scotland or on the islands, should be investigated. There are opportunities for the wind/offshore and aviation industry.

1.2         AWE potential

1.2.1          Wind resource

AWE would provide nearshore and offshore conditions across all UK. The offshore potential increases further.

Figure 6: Wind resource potential UK


1.2.2          Site availability

UK has large areas of sparsely populated rural areas. Detailed site analysis is required.


1.2.3          Roll-out opportunities

  • Rural areas
  • Offshore repowering

1.3         Energy policies and support

1.3.1          Renewable Energy legislation

UK’s RE support scheme is based on Contracts-for-Difference (CfD). AWE has not been considered so far.

Within the latest round, Pot 2 for „Less-established technologies“ included the £75 million total, thereof

£20 million ringfenced funding for tidal stream and £24 for floating offshore wind projects


1.3.2          NECP

No mentioning of AWE in NECP.


1.3.3          R&D / Investment support

Programs exist:

  • Innovate UK – has funded g. KPS in the past

1.3.4          Revenue support

There is no special remuneration for AWE.

1.4         Regulation and permitting

1.4.1          Permitting

KPS had some AWE testing going on, information on permitting can potentially be retrieved.


1.4.2          Airspace regulation

Info still to be gathered.


1.5         Key policy stakeholders

1.5.1          Parliamentarians


1.5.2          Ministry of Energy

BEIS is in charge. 


1.5.3          Other national ministries

– Ministry for Research

– Ministry for Environment


1.5.4          Regional / local public administration

1.6         AWE stakeholders

1.6.1          OEMs

  • Windswept

1.6.2          IEA Task 48 Participants

Task 48 is supported by UK through ORE Catalpult.

  • ORE Catapult: Is also partner in MegaAWE project
  • University of Strathclyde
  • Windswept

1.7         Opportunities

1.7.1          Test sites

  • Shetland Islands (Windswept and Interesting) – to be checked if an official site is
  • KPS used to test prior to going out of business

1.7.2          Commercial sites

Not available yet.


1.7.3          Industry & Jobs

New products and markets where UK airspace technology, knowledge and experience are needed: Automation and Controls, Safety, Models, Systems and Components, Manufacturing, etc.

Figure 7: Current jobs in UK Aviation industry. Source: Airlines UK 2021

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