The Netherlands


AWE potential

Energy policies

Policy stakeholders


AWE stakeholders


1.1         Summary

The Netherlands have excellent on- and offshore conditions. However, being a densely populated country, the potential onshore sites for AWE are limited. Offshore potential as well as potential on (overseas) islands is large. There are two Dutch OEMs, and TU Delft is one of the leading AWE research institutes. Certain government entities have been supportive.

1.2         AWE potential

1.2.1          Wind resources

AWE can significantly increase the on- and offshore wind potential of The Netherlands.

Figure 8: Wind resource potential of The Netherlands


1.2.2          Site availability

Onshore sites are potentially limited given the high population per km2. A detailed study needs to be carried out.


1.2.3          Roll-out opportunities

  • Dutch North Sea Islands
  • Overseas islands (Aruba, )

1.3         Energy policies and support

1.3.1          Renewable Energy legislation

Legislation needs to be checked. At this stage, AWE is not considered.


1.3.2          NECP

No mentioning of AWE in NECP.

14 Specific map for NL still needs to be produced.


1.3.3          R&D / Investment support

AWE companies and research activities have been funded through various programs, e.g. through RVO.


1.3.4          Revenue support

There is no special remuneration for AWE.

1.4         Regulation and permitting

1.4.1          Permitting


1.4.2          Airspace regulation

In the past it is was possible to work with the law “kabelvliegers” ( It is now also replaced by the EU Implementation Regulation 2019/947.

The Dutch National Authority is ILenT (inspection aviation and transport) of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and water management systems-drones; ILenT,

Lighting and Marking of wind turbines is described under: content/uploads/2018/02/Obstacle-Lighting-of-Onshore-Wind-Turbines.pdf

1.5         Key policy stakeholders

1.5.1          Parliamentarians


1.5.2          Ministry of Energy


1.5.3          Other national ministries

Ministry of Economic Affairs / RVO is supporting Task 48 

Ministry for Research, Ministry for Environment 


1.5.4          Regional / local public administration

The local authority of the island of Schiermonnikoog was interested in using AWE (participation in EU Island competition with Kitepower).

1.6         AWE stakeholders

1.6.1          OEMs

  • NewCo – former Ampyx Power [company name tbd]
  • Kitepower/ enevate

1.6.2          IEA Task 48 Participants

NL supports Task 48 through Ministry of Economic Affairs / RVO.

  • aenarete
  • NewCo – former Ampyx Power [company name tbd]
  • Kitepower/ enevate
  • TNO Wind (formerly ECN)
  • TU Delft

1.6.3          Other (potential) stakeholders / clients

  • tbd

1.7         Opportunities

1.7.1          Test sites

  • Breda Airport (former Ampyx)
  • Xxx (Kitepower)
  • Aruba (Kitepower during several weeks in 2021)

1.7.2          Commercial sites

Not available yet.


1.7.3          Industry & Jobs

Research, manufacturing, software and hardware development, engineering.

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