Study on challenges in the commercialisation of airborne wind energy systems


By Ecorys; study commissioned by the European Commission DG RTD

Airborne wind energy systems (AWES) is the umbrella name for a series of potentially game-changing concepts to convert wind energy into electricity. This study provides an overview of the technological state of the art, assesses market potential and barriers, and outlines measures and a pathway towards commercialisation. The study finds that the technology is still immature, and that it remains unclear whether the technology can ultimately reach costcompetitiveness and contribute to EU energy security and decarbonisation targets. However, the AWES case from the perspective of EU industrial leadership is strong. Moreover, there is sufficient potential to continue exploring the technology. The sector needs to do so under a risk-controlled technology development approach. A framework is proposed to facilitate discussions about appropriate incentives and public support at various development stages.
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