Ein Stück Stoff ersetzt Windräder

Das verblüffende System verspricht eine höhere Energieausbeute und soll günstiger und leiser als herkömmliche Windkraft sein.

Airborne Wind Players Still Hoping for Takeoff After Alphabet Ditches Makani

“Now [that] they are both out of the leadership, I guess somebody said, ‘When will this bring a return, and what does it have to do with online search?’” said Udo Zillmann, secretary general of the industry body Airborne Wind Europe.

Flying the flag for wind energy

Wind energy is on the up globally with 1000 GW likely to be in place soon. Longer term, if on-land and offshore sites get congested then there is the prospect of using airborne wind-energy devices or tethered kites that operate at high altitude.