Airborne Wind Energy Projects

DEM-AWE is set to demonstrate K-BESS, a groundbreaking maket-entry application for AWE

The DEM-AWE demonstration will span a minimum of 18 months with a K-BESS prototype sized for its capability to charge a 400kWh battery in 10 hours at two test-sites in Mayo, Ireland, and Dirksland, Netherlands. This extensive trial will provide valuable operational data, experience, and feedback from stakeholders to produce a reliable new solution.

Both test sites are already permitted and consented for Kitepower’s AWE system through the MegaAWE project, implemented through Interreg North-West Europe during 2020-2023. The DEM-AWE project will extensively focus on actual operations towards performance validation, user involvement, safety, maintenance, optimisation of control strategies, and regulatory compliance.

Just and effective governance for accelerating wind energy 

JustWind4All, a Horizon Europe project, aims to support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy, including emerging wind technologies like airborne and floating, through just and effective governance. By using a trans-disciplinary multi-method research design, it creates synergies among people and organisations to coordinate and participate in actions around wind energy deployment. Moreover, it aims to develop knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies, and trainings for just and effective decision-making in onshore and offshore wind energy governance. One of the key activities of JustWind4All project is engaging with local, regional, national and EU wind energy governance actors across policy, community and industry through its Wind Forum – a platform designed to meet, network, discuss and go into action.

Multiscale modelling for wind farm design, performance assessment and loading 

The new Horizon Europe project Meridional brings together a consortium of twelve European partners led by Delft University of Technology with the aim to develop a tool chain to increase accuracy in energy yield assessment and loads for both wind turbines and airborne wind energy systems.

Meridional stands for “multiscale modelling for wind farm design, performance assessment and loading”. Over the next four years the partners will work on a comprehensively validated framework based on an open-source platform which will draw on an integrated knowledge and data hub to allow the efficient and accurate assessment of the performance and loads experienced by onshore, offshore, and airborne wind energy systems.

Task48 provides a platform for the open exchange of ideas, experience, and technique AWE

Started in 2021 Task 48 aims to build a strong community that works together to identify and mitigate the barriers to the development and deployment of airborne wind energy systems. We provide a structured forum for international collaborations between researchers, supply chains, and users to exchange needs, ideas, and experiences.

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