Makani is sharing 13 years of technical development and insights with the world via The Energy Kite Collection — a three-part technical report written by members of our team accompanied by resources including Makani’s open source Makani’s entire avionics, flight controls and simulation code repositories, flight logs for every crosswind flight of the M600 prototype, technical videos, and a non-assertion pledge for the free use of Makani’s worldwide patent portfolio.

Also a feature length film to share Makani’s journey from soft kites to flying the M600 offshore has been created. The film is called Pulling Power from the Sky: The Story of Makani, and is available on YouTube.

In February 2020 was shared that Makani’s time as an Alphabet company had come to an end because the road to commercialization for Makani proved longer and riskier than hoped.

Thank you, Makani!