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As the excitement builds for the upcoming Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2024 which will take place in Madrid (Spain) from 24 to 26 April, AWEurope is thrilled to spotlight Windswept and Interesting Ltd as a new Silver Sponsor.

The Windswept Journey

Founded as a low-budget micro company by Roderick Read, Windswept embarked on developing openly accessible, low-carbon energy solutions. Their breakthrough was in portable, lightweight kite turbines. A rotary kite network system with remarkable power-to-weight performance.

Collaboration for Higher Scales

Windswept openly shares key designs and innovations across the AWE community. Windswept’s projects in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde are investigating reliable operation at scale. With financial and business support from Shell Gamechanger, HIE (Highlands and Islands Enterprise), and NZTC TechX, Windswept is now working to automate for safer deployment of kite turbines, whilst adopting active lift kite control methods for more efficient operation. These changes have focussed Windswept operations in preparation for launching an MVP into a ready market.

Rotary system

Clean Energy Ambition

Windswept has set a goal of reducing carbon emissions from their clean energy sourcing to an astonishing 0.7gCO2e/kWh. Their work embodies the conference’s mission to accelerate the adoption of Airborne Wind Energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Join us at AWE Conference 2024 to witness Windswept’s remarkable journey and learn about their groundbreaking work in AWES. Together, we’re soaring towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.