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This week, SkySails and Airborne Wind Europe held a parliamentary breakfast with politicians from Deutscher Bundestag to discuss the immense potential of Airborne Wind Energy and its implementation in Germany and beyond. 

The breakfast was a valuable opportunity to discuss the next steps for integrating Airborne Wind as a vital supplementary energy source in the EEG (Renewable Energy Sources Act). At this point, political support is crucial in propelling our industry forward. Now is the time to act! Thus, it is necessary that Airborne Wind will be included in the EEG and, like other renewable energy sources, receive a technology-specific tariff.

To continue research and development in Germany, fair and equal airspace integration must be achieved and about a dozen flight restriction areas should be established for test and demonstration sites. In addition, approval procedures and access to grid connection need to be simplified and expedited.

Therefore, we want to thank all the participants for their interest in our innovative technology and especially Bengt Bergt and his team for hosting this event with us and supporting our industry along the way! 

We are determined to make Airborne Wind Energy a vital part of the German energy transition!

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