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AWEurope is a partner organisation in two successful consortium proposals for Horizon funding; JustWind4all, and Meridional.

As it is acknowledged that Europe is not planning and permitting enough wind energy, JustWind4All aims to activate synergies among diverse wind energy governance actors across Europe and between their goals and benefits by using different research methodologies (e.g. impact assessment, energy systems modelling, multi-criteria mapping) to provide knowledge, practical guidelines, instruments, strategies and training activities that support the acceleration of on- and offshore wind energy through just and effective governance.

JustWind4All has 12 consortium partners are spread across Western, Southern, Central and Eastern Europe with the  Dutch Research Institute for Transitions as a principal player.

MERIDIONAL is a research proposal by a consortium of academia and industry, led by TU Delft. The proposal was submitted to the EU Horizon Europe call on physics and aerodynamics of atmospheric flow of wind for power production. The proposal was awarded by the EU and the start of the program is expected in October of this year.

The goal of the project is to achieve a better understanding of the unsteady inflow conditions at altitudes above the first layer of air above the ground (the surface layer). The aim is to develop a toolchain to efficiently and effectively assess the performance and reliability of airborne wind energy devices and conventional wind turbines. This is important to site evaluation but also for increasing the wind plant efficiency and making the operation of AWES safer. MERIDIONAL’s consortium consists of a total of 12 partners including 5 leading technical universities (TUDelft as the coordinator and 4 others from Denmark, Italy and Germany) and 3 Airborne Wind Energy companies (Kitepower, Kitenergy, Kitekraft). One of the project partners is the US national renewable energy laboratory (NREL) which will contribute in-kind.

For further detail on either of these initiatives please contact Kristian Petrick: kristian.petrick@airbornewindeurope.org