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Author: Rishikesh Joshi (TU Delft) & Filippo Trevisi (Politecnico di Milano)

Year: 2024

Title: Reference Economic Model for Airborne Wind Energy Systems

Affiliation: TU Delft & Politecnico di Milano

This work falls under the IEA Wind Task 48 activity and is the result of a collaborative effort between industry and academia. Airborne Wind Europe facilitated the setup of this work and acts as an intermediary for data collection, storage, and dissemination.  

This technical report and the developed computer code provide parametric cost models that aim to estimate both capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx) associated with each component of airborne wind energy systems (AWESs). Furthermore, the report identifies relevant design metrics that could be used as objectives for the optimisation and refinement of AWES designs. These metrics will not only aid in evaluating the performance and efficiency of AWESs but will also guide future research and development efforts. In addition to cost modelling and design metrics, the report delves into potential markets where AWESs could play a significant role in the global energy supply mix. 

This report aims to be a valuable resource for researchers, industry and policy makers who want to understand the economic aspects, design considerations and market potential of AWESs. It sets the groundwork for informed decision making, road mapping of technology development, and collaborative efforts to advance the adoption and deployment of AWESs on a global scale.

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