AWE potential

Energy policies

Policy stakeholders


AWE stakeholders


1.1         Summary

France has a large AWE potential on- and offshore and open areas for deployment. There are some AWE actors in France but there is no specific

1.2         AWE potential

1.2.1          Wind resources

AWE can provide offshore conditions across entire France except in the Pyrenees and Alpes.


1.2.2          Site availability

France has many rural areas with open space and few inhabitants.


1.2.3          Roll-out opportunities

  • Oversea territories
  • Islands
  • Offshore/nearshore
  • Rural areas

1.3         Energy policies and support

1.3.1          Renewable Energy legislation

France has different RE support schemes in place (FiT, FiP, tenders), it needs to be checked though which ones would apply for AWE.


1.3.2          NECP

No mentioning of AWE in NECP.


1.3.3          R&D / Investment support

Info potentially relevant for AWE to be checked.


1.3.4          Revenue support

There is no special remuneration for AWE.

1.4         Regulation and permitting

1.4.1          Permitting

To be checked.


1.4.2          Airspace regulation

To be checked.

1.5         Key policy stakeholders

1.5.1          Parliamentarians


1.5.2          Ministry of Energy


1.5.3          Other national ministries / agencies

The French IEA Wind Exco member is at IFP Energies Nouvelles and aware of AWE. However, France does not support Task 48.


1.5.4          Regional / local public administration

  • Bretagne region is interested in AWE, especially offshore (through MegaAWE project partner Bretagne Développement Innovation). A study on AWE potential and possible sites has been commissioned (due by end of 2022).
  • AD’OCC – Agence Régionale de Développement Economique, Région Occitanie/Pyrénées- Méditerranée (Montpellier) is MegaAWE project partner and interested to promote AWE as part of the offshore strategy.

1.6         AWE stakeholders

 1.6.1          OEMs

  • WindFisher (Grenoble)
  • A few companies focusing on kites in the shipping sector

1.6.2          IEA Task 48 Participants

  • France is not supporting Task 48 at this

1.6.3          Other (potential) stakeholders / clients

  • Engie: Interest and support of AWE for several years. Participates in project “Aquilon” under the Innovation Fund.

  • Aerospace Valley: A webinar was held in June 2021 for its members.

1.7         Opportunities

1.7.1          Test sites

Not available yet. The BDI study (see above) may provide ideas and options for potential sites in Brittany.


1.7.2          Commercial sites

Not available yet.


1.7.3          Industry & Jobs

  • Airspace industry: New products and markets where French airspace technology, knowledge and experience are needed: Automation and Controls, Safety, Models, Systems and Components, Manufacturing,
  • Sailing industry
  • Deployment in

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