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Wind Energy Hamburg 2022

27-30 September 2022


AWEurope and members will showcase our sector at the biggest gathering of the wind industry.



Hall B7 stand B7.425!


Meet Airborne Wind Energy @ AWE Forum, WindEnergy Hamburg 2022


28 September 2022

10:00 – 16:00 CEST

Hamburg Messe Hall 7 Room B7.1 (first floor)

Messeplatz 1, DE-20357 Hamburg


About this event


The Airborne Wind Energy Forum @ WindEnergy Hamburg 2022 gives the opportunity to learn about the latest sector developments. Several companies will present their latest achievements and plans for the coming years. Also the AWE White Paper by BVG Associates will be presented, proving AWE as a potential game changer to make the energy transition reality!

Program to download


Getting airborne – launch of the White Paper for the Airborne Wind Energy sector by BVG Associates commissioned by Airborne Wind Europe.

20 September 2022

The first Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) systems are now commercially available. The webinar focussed on the benefits of this innovative technology, its future cost developments, deployment potential and the sector’s imminent needs regarding policy and regulation. Almost 90 representatives from different institutions and several countries attended the webinar.

The White Paper is directed to policy makers, utilities and wind project developers.



White Paper (2 MB)

Intro-AirborneWindEnergy White Paper Launch 2022-09-20 (PDF)

BVGA-37901 Getting Airborne summary White Paper Launch-2022-09-20 (PDF)


14-16 September 2022

AWEurope has participated in the 7th edition of UNVEX, the tradeshow on drones and unmanned aviation systems with an own booth. Moreover, Kristian Petrick presented AWE in the technology session, and Agustín Arjonilla from AWEurope member CT Ingenieros had a talk in a commercial session.




AWEurope Intro-Airborne-Wind-Energy UNVEX-Sevilla_2022-09-15 (PDF)


Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2021

22-24 June 2022

The 9th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2021) will be held from 22-24 June 2022 at the Politecnico Milano, Milan.




Summary of the Airborne Wind Energy’s flagship event (PDF)

Introduction to Airborne Wind Energy for UK stakeholders


Webinar ,  24 May 2022 with 22 attendees

Airborne Wind Europe

AWEurope’s Webinar UK Presentation

Wind Energy Science Conference

May 25-28, 2021

Hannover, Germany

Website: https://www.wesc2021.org/

Introduction to Airborne Wind Energy

Energía Eólica Aerotransportada


Webinar Spain, 14 April 2021 with 25 attendees

Airborne Wind Europe, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

UC3M and AWEurope’s Webinar Spain Presentation

WindEnergy Hamburg 2020

Airborne Wind Europe will attent the WindEnrgy Hamburg Digital Event

December 01-04, 2020

New concept for world’s leading wind industry gathering

Website: https://www.windenergyhamburg.com/

TEM#102 on Airborne Wind Energy

Starts:  Sep 23, 2020 1:30 PM (CET)
Ends:  Sep 24, 2020 5:45 PM (CEWindEnergy Hamburg 2020


Associated with  TEM#102 https://community.ieawind.org/tem102/home




  • Where: online
  • When: August 23-24, 2020 to the agenda https://community.ieawind.org/tem102/agenda
  • Who: convened by Airborne Wind Europe, WindForS, NREL, NC State University and Kyushu University
  • What: in a workshop setting, experts will be encouraged to engage in technical discussion on the challenges and opportunities linked to airborne wind energy and its deployment
  • Who: The targeted audience includes organisations from all around the world that are specialized in AWE, have worked on AWE or have shown interest
  • Why: to prepare the activities of a future Task on AWE and the creation of a global AWE community to which R&D groups and other stakeholders, including members from other tasks. The idea is to discuss the research topics plus any other ideas brought up by participants and prioritize them.


For more detailed information please read the Introductory Note here.

21st IFAC World Congress in Berlin

July 12-17, 2020

Automatic Control – Meeting Societal Challenges

Every three years the international automatic control community meets to exchange and discuss the newest research findings in the broad field of systems, control and automation.

Website: https://www.ifac2020.org/

Torque 2020

May 27-29, 2020, Delft, The Netherlands

Website: https://www.torque2020.org/

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2019

The 8th Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2019) was held on 15-16 October 2019 at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

For further information please look at the conference website https://awec2019.com

Airborne Wind Energy @ WESC 2019

Wind Energy Science Conference 2019, Cork, Ireland
16 to 20 June 2019

The vision for WESC is to provide a multi-disciplinary open forum for discussion where delegates can explore the latest developments in wind energy science, spot emerging trends and identify future collaborators.

The latest developments of Airborne Wind Energy will be discussed in a multi-disciplinary session at Mini-symposium: Airborne Wind Energy with Dr. Roland Schmehl, TU Delft.


WindEnergy Hamburg 2018

Airborne Wind Europe and its members took the opportunity to present Airborne Wind Energy at the world’s largest wind fair and conference, WinEnergy Hamburg fair in September 2018 to the wind energy industry.

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Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2017

Website: http://awec2017.com/

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2015

Website: http://awec2015.com/

Airborne Wind Energy Conference 2013

(website offline/ domain closed)

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