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From the left to the right: Andreas Rieckhof, State Councilor at the Authority for Economic Affairs and Innovation in Hamburg; Joschka Knuth, State Secretary of the Ministry for Energy Transition, Climate Protection, Environment and Nature in Schleswig-Holstein; Maria Sosnov, Group leaders prototyping and testing of Windtest Grevenbroich and Stephan Wrage, founder and CEO of SkySails.

Today marks a huge milestone as SkySails Group has successfully validated the world’s first performance curve for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE), solidifying its position as a leader in harnessing the potential of this innovative technology.

The verification process, conducted by Windtest Grevenbroich, serves as official confirmation of the potential of SkySails Group’s AWE technology. This achievement underscores the company’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of clean energy solutions.

Stephan Wrage, Founder and CEO of SkySails Group, proudly received the verification report during a special event attended by distinguished guests, including State Council Andreas Rieckhof and State Secretary Joschka Knuth. Their presence highlights the recognition of AWE technology’s importance for climate protection and economic development in Northern Germany.

The event also saw the participation of AWEurope Organizations Manager, Stefanie Thoms, who attended on behalf of the AWE sector. Her presence signifies the association’s support and interest in advancing AWE technology development.

This validation not only affirms SkySails Group’s pioneering efforts but also showcases the immense potential of AWE in the global renewable energy landscape. With this milestone, we anticipate a bright future for Airborne Wind Energy systems not only in Germany but also across Europe and worldwide.

For further details, the official press release can be found here.

Additionally, for an insider’s look at the power curve measurement process, check out their YouTube video.

We extend our congratulations to Stephan Wrage and all the colleagues at SkySails Group for their dedication and commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions. This achievement marks a significant step forward in the AWE journey towards a cleaner and greener future.