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Airborne Wind Europe, together with other European think tanks & climate experts, has signed an open letter to #European decision-makers to ask for delivering a strategic, targeted and impactful #NZIA where #AirborneWindEnergy can play an important role as a game-changing solution by accessing untapped wind resources at altitudes up to 800m with up to 90% less material and probably at relatively low cost.

Call on policymakers to:

  • Focus on all the strategic cleantech sectors needed to deliver Net-Zero by 2050
  • Set clear production targets for each sector
  • Ensure Member States provide permitting authorities with the resources they need
  • Clarify the approach to Green Public Procurement
  • Preserve the carbon storage target and ensure it delivers
  • Strengthen provisions on skills
  • Work in tandem with European public and private finance

Find out the open letter: