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Airborne Wind Europe was attending the “Interreg North-West Europe (NWE) approved project seminar” that took place in Lille, France.

Interreg North-West Europe gathered project partners awarded during the last EU funding call within a two-day event in Lille to explain how the finance claims work, the project rules and the way to present and send all the information required to get a successful deliverable.

AWEurope Secretary General, Kristian Petrick, was there together with DEM-AWE (Demonstrating Mobile Airborne Wind Energy) project partners to kick-off this exciting new adventure that aims to continue operating Kitepower´s Falcon soft-wing device, capable of generating up to 100kW, in Bangor Erris, Mayo County Council, Ireland test site.

This new journey Is a MegaAWE follow-up project, a successful job done where we reached together the final deliverable of building the construction of an AWE test site to allow flights led by RWE, in partnership with Kitepower.

With this new DEM-AWE project it´s time to keep collecting crucial data to Airborne Wind Energy development, industry standardization and to mature market validation and concrete use case opportunities to increase joint action plans for the AWE integration and safety strategy and public awareness.

The DEM-AWE project will also see at least 12 months of operation and demonstration of a new use case for AWE, Kite-powered Battery Energy Storage (K-BESS), in real site conditions at the test site of RWE located in Mayo, Ireland, and also in Dirksland, The Netherlands.

K-BESS represents the first mobile renewable energy solution, and thus can provide a showcase and market-entry technology for AWE, for off-grid applications currently serviced by diesel generators such as construction sites and large farms, but also small communities around NWE and refugee camps in remote locations.

Many thanks to Marlène Moutel from Laminak Energy, Sweder Reuchlin from Kitepower and Louise O’Boyle from BlueWise Marine for being there in Lille to start defining the first steps of this new project to establish this irish permanent base for Kitepower that can be visited contacting them and that can signify accelerated development opportunities, benefiting the rest of other AWE companies that may fly there at one stage and also promoting the entire renewable energy sector.