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Airborne Wind Europe is proud to announce that we are a new member of EUFORES

EUFORES is a European cross-party network of Members of Parliament from the European Parliament as well as from the EU27 national and regional Parliaments. EUFORES core objective is the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

EUFORES is supported by a variety of non-parliamentary members from the renewable energy and energy efficiency community – industry, scientific institutes, energy agencies and NGOs – all strongly committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

With this membership, Airborne Wind Europe want to continue expanding Airborne Wind Energy as a game-changing innovative technology that allows tapping into unexploited wind resources at high altitudes (up to 800m), thus increasing considerably the technical accessible renewable resource potential onshore and offshore in Europe and worldwide. At the same time, AWE reduces the need for material by up to 90% compared to established wind turbines as tethered, crosswind-flying kites or drones produce green electricity without the need for towers, foundations, blades, and even rare earth materials.

There are about a dozen system European technology developers and more than 60 institutions and research institutes working on AWE, most of them located in Europe as well. So, as the European institutions and national authorities’ support is crucial, in Airborne Wind Europe we hope that with this new membership with EUFORES now is the time to grasp the opportunity to look for building the basis for a growing European AWE industry which combines renewable energy, circularity, high-tech, digitalisation and export potential. Due to the small size of components and less material, AWE can be mass produced in processes similar to the automotive industry – and this production can take place in Europe and exported world-wide to a multitude of markets: onshore offshore, on-grid, off-grid, hybrid systems, etc.

Thanks to EUFORES Secretary General, Jan Geiss, for giving us this opportunity and also for allowing Airborne Wind Europe to get presence in the next 23rd Inter-Parlamentary Meeting on Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which will take place on 27 & 28 October 2023 in the Parliament of Sweden, Stockholm.

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Airborne Wind Europe

Airborne Wind Europe is the association of the Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) sector. It promotes the development and deployment of AWE Systems, i.e. tethered kites that generate energy from high-altitude wind. Airborne Wind Europe encourages collaboration and exchange between technology developers, policy makers, research institutes and universities, as well as other stakeholders like public administration and authorities, suppliers, utilities, energy consumers, investors and financial institutions.