AWE systems

How does it work?

There are two phases:

  1. Power phase: The kite flies cross-wind in figures of eight, reeling-out the tether which turns drum to which the generator – located in the ground station – is connected. Power is generated.
  2. Retraction phase: The tether is reeled-in again and the kite dives down back to the starting position. This requires about 20% of the energy produced in the power phase.

AWE White Paper 2022

The White Paper on AWE by BVG Associationes, commissioned by Airborne Wind Europe in 2022, lays out the benefits and challenges of the AWE sector, the potential deployment scenarios and cost developments in the short-, mid- and long-term until 2050, as well as required public support.

How does it look like?

Airborne Wind Energy is about to become a game-changing solution which allows accessing the large untapped wind resource at high altitudes enabling more energy to be extracted at lower carbon intensity and eventually at lower cost.

Airborne Wind Europe latest publications

Airborne Wind Energy sector took presence in #CE4EUislands forum 2023

Airborne Wind Energy sector took presence in #CE4EUislands forum 2023

The 30 renewable islands by 2030 initiative is already launched! The Clean Energy for EU islands secretariat is aiming to find 30 islands that want to be entirely renewable until 2030. An incredible event that took place on the beautiful Estonian island, Saaremaa,...

Join TU Delft MSc defenses online presentations lining up in June

Join TU Delft MSc defenses online presentations lining up in June

Congratulations to Hidde Vos from Delft University of Technology for the interesting and dedicated MSc defense given this morning about "A Whole-Energy System Perspective to Floating Wind Turbines and Airborne Wind Energy in the North Sea Region" Pointing out the...

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