About AWEurope


Airborne Wind Europe is the association of the European airborne wind energy industry.

Airborne Wind Europe encourages high-level discussions on generation of energy from high-altitude winds by means of kite energy systems, wind drones and other airborne wind energy systems and encourages research, innovation and exchange of technical information among entrepreneurs, suppliers, utilities, developers,  energy consumers, equipment manufacturers, financial institutions and universities.

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Advantages of

Airborne Wind Energy

From 27-30 September Airborne Wind Europe attended the Wind Energy Hamburg 2022 expo with a booth, B7.425, organized the 3nd Airborne Wind Energy Forum and gave a speech at the “Speakers Corner” on September 28.

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The 9th International Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2021) was held on 22-24 June 2022 at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. For further information please look at the conference website: awec2021.com

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Airborne Wind Europe is the association of the European airborne wind energy industry. Our members are the leading European Airborne Wind Energy companies, universities and research centers.

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About Airborne Wind Energy

Airborne Wind Energy is a wind energy technology that is based on flying blades or wings attached to the ground by a thether. Two main principles exist how the wind energy can be turned into electricty. Either by mini wind turbines and generators mounted on the flying wing (first picture) or by having the wing pull on the tether and having the tether unwind from a drum on the ground, which is driving the generator (second picture). This ground generation method requires reeling the tether back in (third picture), which leads to a pumping or yoyo motion.


AWES: electricity generation in the air (first picture) and on the ground (pumping mode, second and third picture)

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The executive team members of Airborne Wind Europe work together with our members to achieve the goals of Airborne Wind Europe.

Kristian Petrick

Secretary General

Brussels / Sitges (Barcelona)

Phone: +34 637 710 451

Stefanie Thoms


Brussels / Berlin

Phone: +32 2 7396212


Airborne Wind Europe
Avenue de la Renaissance 1
1000 Brussels

Phone: +32 2 7396212

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Working Groups

The following working groups of Airborne Wind Europe have been established:

Working Group “AWE Safety and Technical Guidelines”


The objective is to address all safety related aspects of the AWE system components (kite, tether, ground station), operations, noise emissions, power curves and other issues that shall be described in technical guidelines. The Working Group will also define ways on how to efficiently conduct the permitting process in cooperation with airspace authorities.

Working Group “AWEurope Roadmap”


The objective is to define a roadmap for the European AWE sector and develop a storyline for the AWE sector to communicate a consistent picture towards policy makers, investors, clients, media, public, and other stakeholders.

Working Group “Environmental and Public Acceptance”


The objective is to investigate issues and potential solutions or mitigation measures for AWE impacts on birds and other wildlife, visual impact, noise, public acceptance, community participation / consultation, etc. Methodologies and tools for Environmental Impact Assessments may be developed.

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Our members are the leading European Airborne Wind Energy companies, universities and research centers, suppliers, customers and supporters of the Airborne Wind Energy industry.

Leading Members, Airborne Wind Energy Companies &

Universities and Research Centers


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