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The Airborne Wind Energy Conference, the main event of AWE, gathers experts from academia and AWE industry to express their ideas and share the latest outcomes from their research activities during the three days of the conference.

AWEC 2024

24-26 April 2024 (upcoming)

Universidad Carlos III Madrid

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How does it work?

Airborne Wind Energy Systems (AWES) produce electricity using kites or wings which are attached by a tether to a ground station. 

There are two phases: 

  1. Power phase: The kite flies cross-wind in figures of eight, reeling-out the tether which turns the drum to which the generator – located in the ground station – is connected. Power is generated. 

2. Retraction phase. The tether is reeledin again and the kite dives down back to the starting position. This requires about 20% of the energy produced in the power phase. 

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    How does it look like?

    Airborne Wind Energy is ready to complement renewable energy deployment as a game-changer solution that allows untapped wind resources to be harnessed at high altitudes (up to 600 m) while reducing material requirements by up to 90% compared to wind turbines.

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    Charging your car with a kite might be closer than you think

    Charging your car with a kite might be closer than you think

    Launched this month, a new European collaboration, DEM-AWE, is set to demonstrate a battery energy storage system powered by a kite (K-BESS), a groundbreaking market-entry application for Airborne Wind Energy (AWE) Written by: By: Ekaterina Bessonova, Louise O’Boyle...

    AWEC 2024 will bring together research and industry

    AWEC 2024 will bring together research and industry

    1           Introduction The 10th international Airborne Wind Energy Conference (AWEC 2024) will be hosted by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid  on 24-26 April, gathering leading scientists, researchers and...

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